Greg Ehrlich
100 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

P (917) 880-1190
F (718) 243-1073

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GFoods Brokerage is committed to providing our clients with the most cost effective and highest level of service in the industry.

  • Relationships:

    Over 15 years of established experience in the food service industry.

  • Innovation:

    Committed to innovation by using technology and extensive knowledge of the NY Metro Market in order to generate new business and increase existing business.

  • Pricing:

    Effectively develops and negotiates competitive pricing strategies in order to achieve maximum profitability for clients and manufacturers.

  • Pioneering and Prospecting:

    GFoods was founded, built, and will achieve growth by cultivating new clients and building strong customer rapport.

  • Trade Shows:

    Researches and participates in trade shows and product demonstrations in order to introduce new products to customers.

  • Commitment to Excellence:

    GFoods is committed to providing its clients with the most outstanding quality, value, and the highest level of service in the industry.

  • Marketing and Sales Presentations:

    Structures marketing and sales programs to suit each clients specific goals.